Day 1

Day 1 September 18 第一天(9.18)

Arrival and Hotel Check-in 到达及入住
Day 2

Day 2 September 19 第二天(9.19)

8:30am-9am Welcome 致欢迎辞
9:30am-10am Morning Tea 早茶
10am-10:30am Keynote Speech 主题演讲
10:30am-12pm Forums 论坛
12pm-2pm Lunch 午餐
2pm-2:30pm Keynote Speech 主题演讲
2:30pm-4pm Forums 论坛
4pm-4:30pm Afternoon Tea 茶歇
4:30pm-5:30pm Internetworking 行业交流
6pm-8pm Conference Dinner 晚宴
Day 3

Day 3 September 20 第三天(9.20)

9:30am-10am Morning Tea 早茶
10am-12pm Information Sessions 培训
12pm-2pm Lunch 午餐
2pm-3:30pm Information Sessions 培训
3:30pm-4pm Afternoon Tea 茶歇
4pm-4:30pm Information Sessions 培训
4:30pm-5pm Closing Address 闭幕
Day 4

Day 4 September 21 第四天(9.21)

Excursion Activities 集体活动
Day 5

Day 5 September 22 第五天(9.22)

Hotel Check-out and Departure 离店返程